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Finished the Nixie Tube clock

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"Visual microphone" can decode words from the vibrations in an object.

A MIT student has shown how the tiny vibrations caused by sound waves can be picked up by a high speed video camera, and decoded with software to figure out what sounds were being made.

The technique allows the researchers find out the subject of a conversation, for example, by watching the vibrations in a glass of water or a bag of chips.


Video: NASA’s ‘flying saucer’ tested in the upper atmosphere.

NASA is testing a “flying saucer” designed to land on Mars and deliver large payloads to the Red Planet, and the agency has released a spectacular video of a high-altitude test conducted over Hawaii this past June. In it, the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) is brought up 180,000 feet high into earth’s atmosphere, a place where conditions are similar to those on Mars. After confirming that the vehicle could fly in these conditions, NASA then tried to slow the craft down with two new technologies — a funky, donut-shaped “Supersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator” and a massive supersonic parachute.


Jupiter systems normalSayonara Jupiter1984, Koji Hashimoto, Sakyo Komatsu, Japan


Jupiter systems normal
Sayonara Jupiter
1984, Koji HashimotoSakyo Komatsu, Japan

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私に従っ // 音楽 // 動画 // フェイスブック // ブログ


私に従っ // 音楽 // 動画 // フェイスブック // ブログ

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